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Advantages of using cold drawn materials

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Advantages of using cold-drawn materials

In the area of production, the choice of materials plays a decisive role in the quality of the finished product. Among the many options available, cold-drawn or bright steels are one of the best choices. Cold-drawn steels are a shining example of metallurgical innovation and have many advantages that make them the primary choice in various industries. They can be used primarily for metal cutting operations, their most important feature is the high dimensional accuracy, thanks to which the finished part no longer requires further processing, so its use is cost-effective.

Greater tensile strength

Cold-drawn materials are famous for their excellent mechanical properties. During cold drawing, the steel is drawn through a cone-shaped tool at room temperature, and at the end of the process, a piece with a smaller cross-section is obtained. This results in higher tensile strength, better surface quality and precise dimensional control. The drawing process has the advantage of enhancing strength properties, making these steels ideal for applications where strength and durability are paramount, such as automotive components. Cold drawing also ensures the uniformity of the material's microstructure, which is invaluable in industries such as automotive, aerospace and construction, where reliability is essential.

Quality surfaces

Bright steels boast excellent surface quality thanks to the cold drawing process. This smooth and polished surface is not only attractive but also reduces friction and wear on moving parts. As a result, blank steels are widely used for the production of precision parts such as bearings and gears, as well as for the production of products with high aesthetic requirements (e.g. shopping carts, lattice structures, shelves, furniture, decorative elements). While the cold drawing process itself is not cheap, it ultimately leads to cost savings in manufacturing. Better mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy reduce the need for additional machining operations. This efficiency results in lower production costs, making cold-drawn steel an economical and good choice.

thyssenkrupp Materials Eastern Europe offers the following types of drawn materials:

  • Flat steel

  • Round steel

  • Square steel

  • Hexagon steel