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Areas of use of hot-rolled bar steel

One of the most popular types of structural steel is hot-rolled bar steel, which is heated to between 900 and 1300 degrees Celsius before rolling. The process makes it easier to shape the rod, it becomes stronger and more flexible, and the internal tension of the material also decreases. Particularly advantageous properties of rolled bar steels include weldability and corrosion resistance, which make them popular in many applications. Also preferred in various industries such as construction, engineering and automotive.

Their use in the construction and automotive industries

Bar steel is widely used in the construction industry, because it is easily shaped, solid when hot, and flexible products. Steel structures are becoming increasingly popular in architecture because they are lightweight and extremely strong. Hot-rolled bar steel is often used, for example, for bridge structures, roof structures, halls and other constructions spanning large spaces, but fences and railings are also made from them. In addition to the construction industry, they also play an important role in the automotive industry. It is mainly useful for the production of car frames and parts because of its strength and simple lightweight, which offers fuel efficiency and better performance of cars. The outstanding hot formability of rolled bar steels helps in the creative and ergonomic shaping of cars.

Hot rolled bar steels in the engineering industry.

Hot-rolled bar steels play an important role in the machine industry due to their excellent properties and versatility. Due to their high strength and durability, they are ideal for the production of devices that are subjected to heavy loads. Construction machines, agricultural tools, and household appliances also often contain parts made of hot-rolled bar steel. It is also often used to produce gears and gears. These elements are responsible for energy transmission and moving parts, as they have extremely high strength and wear resistance.

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