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Digitization trends in the steel industry in 2024

In the steel industry, digitalization plays an increasingly important role in increasing efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. As one of the leading players in the steel industry, thyssenkrupp is fully committed to digitalization because it guarantees long-term sustainability. In addition to pipes, plates, closed sections or stainless steel bars, our company also offers a wide range of digital solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and competitiveness. In the spirit of this, we have collected the most important trends this year.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is increasingly being used in all areas of life, including in the steel industry. It is everywhere, from material planning to predictive maintenance. AI-based solutions help factories optimize production, improve quality and reduce costs.



Data-driven decision making

Steelworks are collecting more and more data about production processes, machines and products. This data is analyzed to identify opportunities where efficiency can be increased, thus optimizing production and predicting potential problems.



Cloud-based technologies

Cloud-based technologies allow steelworks to use data and computing resources flexibly and efficiently. This helps reduce IT infrastructure costs and improve data availability and security.


Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution in the digitization of production. In the steel industry, Industry 4.0 technologies such as intelligent machines, automated manufacturing systems and real-time data collection can help factories become more efficient and competitive and prepare for the next step, Industry 5.0.



Cyber security

The growth of digitization naturally also entails challenges, perhaps the most important of which is cyber security, the increase of which is becoming increasingly important in the industry. Factories must implement strict security measures to protect data and systems.


Digitalization is transforming the steel industry. Those factories and service providers that effectively apply digital technologies can gain a competitive advantage in the market, since they can realize more efficient production with lower costs. thyssenkrupp Materials Services is committed to staying at the forefront of the digitalization of the steel industry.