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Monitoring the carbon footprint of supply chains

thyssenkrupp Materials Services and software provider CarbonChain have partnered to develop an approach to track greenhouse gas emissions from steel production and set standards for supplier transparency. Thanks to this, suppliers and customers of the European material distribution units of thyssenkrupp Materials Services can now access the carbon footprint of the product on demand.


More information, more informed decision

The production of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals and the production of products made from them globally is responsible for about 12% of the world's greenhouse gases, but there are significant differences between individual products, and the emission reduction potential also ranges widely. Customers committed to sustainability and environmental protection could only grope in the dark before, but thanks to the calculation of the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain, they have specific information about the impact of the products they choose on the environment, so they can make a more informed decision.


The way of the future

With the help of the industry leader CarbonChain software, thyssenkrupp Materials Services further expands the ability to track the carbon footprint of products. The goal of the collaboration is to strengthen industry standards for greenhouse gas emissions transparency and data quality. CarbonChain enriches the metal emission database with primary material data provided by thyssenkrupp Materials Services suppliers.


Jörg Heiles, CEO of the Eastern European business unit, explained: “Thyssenkrupp Materials Services is committed to promoting transparency in the steel industry. Our carbon footprint calculator makes the entire supply chain transparent so that our partners can make more sustainable decisions and prepare for the regulations that are becoming more widespread in the supply chain of steel products.”


Both parties can be proud of the cooperation. CarbonChain is constantly developing its carbon footprint technology, while thyssenkrupp Materials Services is the market leader in the steel industry. According to future expectations, this partnership can be beneficial not only for the two companies, but also for the entire industry, as it promotes the transition to sustainability and environmental protection.