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On the importance of innovation and transformation

Those who stand still and do not develop continuously, the world speeds by. Innovation is not an investment in the distant future, but a guarantee of survival and the preservation of market position. In a constantly changing, rapidly developing world, no one can afford to sit idly by, especially not when it comes to Europe's largest material distribution and service company. Thyssenkrupp Materials Services started implementing digital innovations in supply chains in 2019 and has since achieved many successes in this area.


Digital innovations


One of the most significant achievements is the digital platform developed by the company, which allows customers to order products online and track deliveries. Thanks to the platform, buyers do not need to contact suppliers individually, and it becomes easier to compare quotes. Thyssenkrupp Materials Services also used digital innovations to improve the efficiency of supply chains. In the system developed by the company, suppliers can already announce the production and delivery of products online. Thanks to the system, Thyssenkrupp Materials Services is able to control inventory trends more accurately and react more quickly to changing customer needs. Digital innovations have improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs and increased efficiency.


Digital manufacturing and delivery system


In addition to the digital platforms developed for customers and suppliers, Thyssenkrupp Materials Services also made the production system digital, so that the production process and quality of individual products can be monitored without any problems. Of course, the service offered by Thyssenkrupp does not end when the finished products roll off the production line, so the delivery and expected arrival time can also be checked digitally in the system. Customer feedback confirms that this digital transformation that has taken place is a response to today's needs.


Thyssenkrupp Materials Services is committed to continuing to implement digital innovations in order to remain competitive in the global market.