Supply chain competitiveness

In today's globalized economy, the competitiveness of the supply chain is of fundamental importance for all businesses, regardless of size. A well-managed, stable and efficient supply chain directly affects the company's bottom line, as cost-effective procurement, efficient delivery and optimized inventory management all contribute to higher profit margins and increased customer satisfaction. Since these factors determine competitiveness to a large extent, no company can afford to ignore this area today.


Customer focus and adaptability

By adapting certain operations of the supply chain to customer needs, companies can not only increase customer satisfaction, but also promote brand loyalty and improve their market positions. However, you can never rest, because what is sufficient today will be insufficient tomorrow, so companies must constantly strive to satisfy their customers' needs more and more fully. They must also be prepared for unexpected disruptions such as a pandemic or the outbreak of a war. The digitization of supply chains and the application of artificial intelligence can help a lot in this.


Changed expectations

The modern consumer no longer only expects smooth shopping, fast delivery and impeccable service, but sustainability and social responsibility are also important to him. Transparency of the entire supply chain is an inescapable part of this formula, so sustainability initiatives must also consider raw material sourcing, last-mile logistics, and recycling processes.


Conditions of competitiveness

In addition to efficiency and sustainability, the competitiveness of the supply chain also depends on quality control, as this guarantees the preservation of standards and customer satisfaction. A high degree of cooperation with suppliers and delivery partners is equally important, as the demand for faster and more efficient delivery has also increased with the growth of e-commerce.


thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary is committed to the continuous development of its supply chain, as its main goal is to be able to provide its services and products at the highest level, and to guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.