The advantages of cut-to-size

There are many machining methods in the steel industry, cut-to-size is one of them, which is crucial for efficiency, quality and productivity. Since steel production is traditionally based on complex and precise processes, precision formed steel sheets offer significant advantages at every stage of the manufacturing process, because boards cut to predetermined dimensions can be processed more easily and quickly to achieve the desired end result.


Accuracy and quality

Ensuring consistent sizes and shapes improves product quality and reduces scrap rates, which is also important for sustainability. Tabulation helps reduce raw material loss and minimizes waste, which results in cost savings and makes the production process more sustainable, since the less scrap and waste is produced, the smaller the carbon footprint of a given steel product. The precise cut-to-size allows the exact fit and assembly of the steel sheets, which is a great advantage during various engineering and construction projects.


Flexibility and versatility

The steel industry has dynamic and varied needs, to which the versatility of cut-to-size method is an excellent match. This process facilitates the flexible handling of steel sheets of different shapes and thicknesses, so thanks to this, the industry can meet the diverse needs of thinner or thicker sheets, unique sizes and special shapes.


Innovation and development

Maintaining the competitiveness of the steel industry is closely related to innovation and development. Thanks to new technologies and developments, the industry can keep up with market demands and technological developments. Modernization of cut-to-size methods, as well as more precise cutting techniques and automation, can make steel production even more efficient.


Thyssenkrupp Materials Eastern Europea's services include cut-to-size, of course, as we always strive to provide our partners with the best quality!