FAQ English

1.    What is the reason for the transformation? 

Our experience in other parts of Europe has shown that a common market approach allows us to serve our customers more efficiently. We aim to replicate this success in South East Europe  
(Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia) by implementing a similar strategy, which will lead to enhancement of our product and service portfolio. 


2.    Are there plans to sell or completely close down thyssenkrupp Materials in South East Europe? 

No. The South East Europe region holds significant importance for thyssenkrupp Materials, and we have no intentions of selling or closing it down. 


3.    What are the concrete changes for me as a customer in thyssenkrupp Materials Romania, thyssenkrupp Materials Serbia and thyssenkrupp Materials Bulgaria? 

As thyssenkrupp Materials South East Europe, we are now able to offer you the largest portfolio of products and services available in the region, coupled with specialized expertise. The existing service level and reliability will remain unchanged. 


4.    What are the concrete changes for me as a supplier for thyssenkrupp Materials Romania, thyssenkrupp Materials Serbia, and thyssenkrupp Materials Bulgaria? 

As a supplier for the above-mentioned entities, no changes are expected. Existing contracts with our entities will remain intact as the legal structure in the countries remains unchanged. If you have questions about your individual contract, please contact your current contact person In case of major changes you will be contacted by your respective contact person.  


5.    Will the new set-up affect terms and speed of deliveries? 

No. The new set-up is designed to meet your needs, aiming to reduce delivery times and streamline the purchasing process. 


6.    Whom to contact if I have further questions? 

Please reach out to your current contact person (e.g., sales representative, product manager, etc.), or you can contact the Implementation team at tkmx-SEE@thyssenkrupp-materials.com